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This website places small temporary files known as ‘cookies’ onto your computer to collect information about how you interact with them, and make them easier to use.

We use cookies to:

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We don't use cookies to identify you personally and consenting to cookies isn't compulsory. You'll see an alert when you visit the site before we store cookies on your computer.

Some cookies are essential for the correct operation of our services, for example session cookies in our eservices portal. They are used by the server to maintain session data, and keep you logged in during transactions.

We cannot identify you personally through any cookies.

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Other hotjar tracking software

From time to time we will use other types of hotjar software on this site to allow us to aggregate and analyse site usage.

Hotjar tracks a limited, randomised selection of site interactions, and aggregates them to create a visual 'heatmap'. It does not collect any user data. We use it to identify any difficulties site visitors are having with the pages and make improvements.

Hotjar records:

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